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Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors are one of the most popular choices of door in the UK. Their strength, safety and security are just some of the many benefits that justify this popularity. They are known as 'Sectional' doors due to their construction, being made of separate sections which open vertically.

The efficient and impressive construction of a Sectional door provides strength and stability not possible in other doors, even in larger than normal sizes. As a result, significantly larger garage openings can be accommodated through the use of a Sectional door. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Space Saving

  • Remote Opening

  • Insulated

  • High level of security

  • Optional Wicket door

  • Glazing optional

  • Wide range of colours

  • Manual/Electric operation

  • Optional opening commands i.e Push button / radar / floor loops /remote

  • Safety brake device

  • Service and repairs available by
    Door Kapital engineers

Frame drawing Specifications

Hi Lift
Steel work

Low Headroom steelwork

Standard steelwork

Vertical lift steelwork

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