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High speed doors to suit all environments

Dynaco Doors

Door Kapital supply, install, service and repair all DYNACO High Speed Roll Up doors for all industries and sectors.


DYNACO industrial high speed doors help you to optimize your daily operations and material flows, no matter what industry you are active in.

We provide innovative high speed roll up doors for all industries and professional applications.

Energy and Cost efficient

Available in large, medium and smaller sizes, high speed doors can be used as exterior or interior doors. They seal off your factory from the outside or separate specific sections within your building from each other.

DYNACO high speed roll up doors protect your premises and infrastructure against wind, rain, dirt, dust and extreme temperatures. They operate in an energy and cost efficient way and are safe for your staff, machinery and goods.

Designed for intensive use

Both our exterior and interior high speed doors are designed for intensive inbound and outbound traffic. They have a fast door cycle and can be equipped with smart sensors and automatic commands. This results into time savings and improved efficiency. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Maximum Tightness

  • Self-Reinserting door curtain

  • High speed opening and closing

  • Wind resistant

  • Soft & lightweight door curtain

  • Operational/Controls available:

Push Button​


Pull cord

Floor loops

Remote Control


Technical Specifications

M3 All Weather

M2 All Weather

D-313 Cleanroom

M3 Power

M2 Power

M3 Compact

M2 Compact

M2 Freezer





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